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Wormhole Configuration (Setting up Groups/Rules)

  • Only synchronize editable user fields. (Please note the system will automatically update system fields on its own).
  • Only synchronize fields that you need to use to reduce the size of synchronization files (XML files).
  • Do not use the matrix for extremely large tables (thousands of records); only use for master data.
  • You can include a table in more than one group.

For example, you can control the insertion of new records and the data of critical fields of the customer table in a group from the template company only. Then create a second group that uses bi-directional syncing for information fields (e.g. Phone Number, Notes, etc) and allow changes to be made in any company within the group.

  • You should generally use real-time synchronization unless you are syncing across databases on different servers or tenants.
  • We recommend using a template company (Parent) for your most critical master record tables and configuration tables, so that you have centralized control over master data.
  • We do not recommend synchronizing ledger entry tables or system updated fields.