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Wormhole is ideal for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central online or on-premise and work within a multi-company and multi tenant environment.

Wormhole is a Verosoft Design Inc. product that addresses the data sync limitations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and resolves master data synchronization challenges.

You can use Wormhole to seamlessly synchronize data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tenants, databases, and companies. Multiple synchronization scenarios can be created, making it possible to synchronize only two companies in a single database, or up to hundreds of companies across multiple databases.

Wormhole is compatible with all your Business Central tables and Business Central add-ons. Any type of data can be synchronized, even blob fields. Standard Business Central tables, ISV product tables, and custom tables can be synchronized.

Core Concepts

Wormhole Master Data Management core processes can be summarized as below:

  1. Bi-directional (Child to Child) or uni-directional (Parent to Child) setup synchronization
  2. Inter-company, inter-database and inter-server synchronization
  3. Real-time or batched (Outbox/Inbox) synchronization
  4. Manual or Planned synchronization (Job Queue)
  5. Filtering by Group, Table, Field, or Field values

Company "template" synchronizes data between a central company and child companies following two modes: Real-time and Deferred time (Inbox/Outbox).

Company "template" can be configured to sync one-way, from company "template" to other companies, or from other companies to company "template", as well as bi-directionally.

All these options are located in the Setup section:

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