Product Release Information

VSD Product Release Schedule 2024

TAG Product Versioning

  • Major Releases: Major releases will be synchronized with major BC updates. These can include breaking changes, but these will be communicated ahead of time.
  • Minor Releases: These will include any non-breaking new features that have been developed during the previous development cycle.
  • Fix Releases: These include exclusively non-breaking bugfixes and hotfixes which will be released on a continuous basis.
  • Build Updates: This number in our product version will only increase in the event of minor build issues. Build changes will never have any impact on the product.

Monthly Production Releases

Every month, users will get a new Minor update for all our products. These will include any new features that have been developed during the previous development cycle. These feature releases will not materially alter any existing workflows, and any UI changes will be additive.

Bi-Monthly Staging Releases

Twice a month, our staging environment will be updated with the latest changes from our dev team. With this new environment, users will have up to a full month to validate upcoming features before they are pushed to production.

Staging releases come in two waves:

  • Wave 1: All features intended for the upcoming release will be integrated into the Wave 1 Staging release. This will give users up to a full month to validate upcoming features in order to decide if and how to integrate them into their workflows.
  • Wave 2: After 2 weeks, any and all features integrated into the Wave 1 Staging release will have been validated by the QA team in their entirety, and developers will have had time to develop any priority 1 and 2 bugfixes required to ensure a stable Minor Release. A Wave 2 feature release is the final preview of an upcoming release prior to it making its way into Production. Wave 2 Staging releases will be available for customers to test for a period of 2 or 3 weeks, as indicated by the release schedule included earlier in this document.

All users are encouraged to provide feedback for upcoming product releases during our Staging Releases. Any and all feedback will be taken into consideration, and appropriate action will be taken based on user feedback.

Staging environment link:

Bi-Yearly Major Releases

Twice a year, all TAG products will receive a Major version update. These will include feature updates in the same fashion as minor releases, but it will also include feature updates that may affect existing customer workflows. This will never fully break existing client workflows, but it may add additional features that would affect existing user workflows.

BC Major Updates

For more information on when major BC updates will occur and what features can be expected in upcoming releases, please refer to the official Microsoft Documentation.