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We are actively improving TAG Portal. Below you will find the information on our latest updates

TAG Portal 7.1

New Functionalities

Technician Task Security Feature: Enhanced Control and Transparency:

We understand the importance of seamless collaboration among technicians while ensuring a clear and controlled workflow. Our new Technician Task Security Feature empowers you, the maintenance manager, to define precise access levels for different user groups, providing the transparency and control you need.

New Security Levels

  • Full Access: Complete control to view, modify, and report maintenance for all work order tasks, regardless of assignment.
  • Personnel Group Access: Technicians can view all tasks but only modify and report maintenance for tasks assigned to their personnel group.
  • Technician Access: Technicians can view all tasks, modify, and report maintenance for tasks assigned to their technician code. Tasks that can be seen but not modified will be visually indicated (greyed out).
  • Limited Access: Technicians can only see, modify, and report maintenance tasks assigned to their technician code.
  • No Access: Tasks are not accessible. To maintain clarity, tasks that are inaccessible for modification or reporting will be appropriately indicated, ensuring users understand the rationale behind this.

EQ Page Enhancements: Part List and Item List

We've enhanced our Equipment (EQ) Page with two valuable additions - the Part List and Item List. This enhancement streamlines your equipment management by providing easy access to associated parts and items.

  • Search Functionality: Technicians can search the Item and Parts List directly from the TAG Portal, eliminating the need to navigate between different interfaces.
  • Item Description: Access detailed descriptions of items and parts, enabling technicians to make informed decisions.
  • Inventory Level: View current inventory levels for items and parts, ensuring efficient inventory management.
  • Location Information: Easily find the location of items and parts within the portal, simplifying retrieval.

Date Format in Setting Page: Tailored Tracking and Consistency

You can now select your preferred Date Format, which will be applied across all cards and forms in the portal. This functionality adds to the ease of tracking and ensures consistency throughout your experience with our product.

Bug Fixes

  • In the request form, adding usage now edits the expected quantity instead of the actual quantity.
  • When creating a request, the attached PDF is now visible to the user.
  • When using a tablet device in the vertical position, the create equipment button is now visible.
  • In the Calendar, users can now drag and drop tasks from the schedule page.
  • On the Equipment card, task hours now round correctly.
  • The priority rank field now shows a blank value as an option in all pages.
  • The priority rank field now interacts with the criticality field correctly.
  • Printing a Finished Work Order now works correctly for all users.
  • The priority rank field is now editable when editing multiple work orders.
  • In the work order page, the user-defined order of the visible fields is now saved correctly.
  • When viewing a work order, the PDF attachment now correctly displays the right-click menu and the icon.
  • After deleting a work order attachment, there is now a confirmation message.
  • When editing a work order, submitting the form with errors no longer closes the form.
  • Criticality is no longer editable in the task from.
  • In the calendar page, filters now work in the unscheduled list.
  • In the resources page, editing a consumable no longer throws an error.
  • In the T&A personnel card, all fields are now correctly translated.
  • In the pick up form, the location code is now read-only.
  • In the report work order maintenance page, the column chooser now saves correctly.
  • In the usage list, a duplicate vendor column was removed.
  • In the usage section of the report work order form, columns are now no longer hidden/missing when too many columns are present.
  • When reporting a task, the actual quantity now updates correctly.
  • In the purchase order page, the unit price is now formatted correctly.
  • When adding usage, the unit of cost now shows correctly.
  • The notification bar no longer hides the X button when too many notifications are present.
  • When discarding on the auto plan work order report confirmation dialog in the DMP page, the transaction is no longer run successfully anyways.
  • Switching company in TAG Portal no longer switches between the technician portal and the manager portal.
  • Converting between a release work order and a planned work order no longer throws an error.
  • Switching between pages quickly in TAG Portal no longer causes UI errors.

Recommended TAG API version: 7.1

Recommended TAG BC extension version: v1.0.18370.0

TAG Portal 7.0

New Functionalities

1. The product framework has been upgraded to the latest version of Angular (Version 16), which brings the following benefits:

  • Reduced bundled file size and improved overall app performance
  • Improved user experience with enhanced accessibility and more reactivity

2. Added Scan barcode function to multiple forms:

  • Create/edit Request: expected qty
  • Report inspection: actual qty
  • Create/edit WO: expected qty
  • Create/edit WO lines: expected qty
  • Report Task/WO: actual qty
  • Create/edit PO: expected qty While scanning, if the usage line (key: Item no., Variant code, UOM) already exists in the usage table, the quantity will be incremented. If the usage line does not exist, a new usage line will be inserted.

3. When creating Procurement from Work order, the Job Journal line type will now pop up with its default value.

4. Job module is now accessible to authenticated users.

5. Review request form has been updated to include status and supervisor code fields.

6. The UI has been improved by moving the 'Add,' 'Delete,' 'Print,' and 'Export Data to Excel' actions into the new overflow button (vertical three dots menu).

Bug Fixes

  1. The notification has been optimized to provide more meaningful and instructive messages when a user switches to a company without the corresponding Technician ID.
  2. The description on the work order line is now read-only on the report WO maintenance form, enhancing security.
  3. The report WO maintenance form will now display the Meter reading current value only when the test result type is Meter-reading.
  4. In dark mode, the appropriate background color has been set for some fields on the card.

Recommended TAG API version: 7.0

Recommended TAG BC extension version: TAG v1.0.17889.0

TAG Portal 6.6

We're excited to announce an upgraded support overlay that offers improved navigation and content discovery. With a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly explore various supports and quickly find the content you're interested in.


New Functionality:

  • Add OSP charge type and OSP change type rate in the Requirement table
  • Enhance multi-language support for the Time and Attendance feature
  • Clicking outside the account panel will make it disappear
  • Added the ability to edit Planned Work Order Lines requirements
  • Added the ability to edit Planned Work Order feedback

Complete technical list

Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  • Allowing user to add usage Part Consumable with variant code
  • Added a warning message in Login form if the user is not set up as Web Service User in TAG Licensing
  • Fixed issues on Equipment card to correctly show comments
  • Fixed "requested_service_date" field display issue when creating Work Order
  • Restricted the width of file name to show the context menu on Attachment Sub card
  • Allowing user to reopen a finished task.
  • When creating request: -- Auto-populate order type and status. -- By default, display "expected quantity" instead of "actual quantity"
  • Showing UDN on Request card after creation of the request
  • Allowing user to change "expected time" field on work procedure for multiple times when creating Work Order
  • Updating left menu correspondingly when the user switches company and relevant roles.
  • Add the Work Order status and supervisor code to the request to Work Order form.

Recommended TAG API version: 6.6 Recommended TAG BC extension version: v1.0.17716.0

TAG Portal 6.5

We're excited to announce an upgraded support overlay that offers improved navigation and content discovery. With a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly explore various supports and quickly find the content you're interested in.


New Functionality:

  • Enhanced Support Overlay : Key enhancements include streamlined navigation, enhanced support visibility, advanced content filtering and search. These improvements aim to provide you with a seamless and tailored experience.
  • Added a default value for the "Need by Date" field in the Create Request form

Complete technical list

Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  • Enable users to view attachments directly within the Work Order (WO) card, eliminating the need to refresh the page after reporting WO maintenance.
  • Enable users to view the latest requirement data in the Work Order card after adding/removing requirements on Edit Work Order form, eliminating the need to refresh the page.
  • After converting a request to a work order, automatically close the request card. This prevents users from accidentally handling the request after it has been converted to a work order. Additionally, the newly created work order is displayed to the user, ensuring that they can immediately begin work on the order.
  • Added the Work Order description to the unscheduled task list on the schedule page, allowing users to view the description
  • Updated the tree view in the Equipment page to display the equipment hierarchy when searching for equipment, allowing users to find equipment easily.
  • Removed an incorrect error message that stated 'Equipment_ID not in JSON object' when saving a request.
  • Allow users to submit a request with a default value in the description field, even if they do not modify it. This improves the efficiency of the request submission process.
  • Added a new notification that will be displayed when attempting to submit an inspection report without a valid technician code. This change ensures that all inspection reports are associated with a valid technician code and improves the accuracy of the data in the system.
  • Restored the item type in the bottom sheet UI for small screens, ensuring that users can easily identify and select the correct item when editing requirements for work order
  • Made the facility picture visible on the equipment card.
  • Removed a confusing error message "Item xxxxx not found" that appeared when attempting to retrieve location information for non-"Item" usage types such as consumables.
  • Updating the tree mode in real-time with newly created equipment on the Equipment page, eliminating the need to refresh the page.
  • Modified the default value of the actual quantity from the same value as expected quantity to 0 when creating work order or request, reducing confusion for users. The user can always enter the actual quantity to consume on the Report form.
  • Showed the Expected Quantity by default instead of actual quantity on Edit Request form, making the UI more user-friendly and adaptable to the user's needs.
  • Made an improvement to the task card where it now displays only the notes related to the specific task, rather than showing notes for the entire work order.
  • Modified the usage statistics information on the current task displayed on the dashboard by using a new formula: (Actual + Pending + Posting) / Expected .
  • Restored the display and saving functionality of the current reading value and date in the Meter Log form, which was lost in the previous release.
  • Restored the display and saving functionality of the current reading value and date in the Meter Log form, which was lost in the previous release.
  • Updated the Inspection report form to make the "Needed by" field a required field. This update ensures that all necessary information is provided and improves the accuracy and completeness of the report.
  • Pre-populated the criticality of the equipment in the new work order when creating a work order from the equipment card, reducing user effort and improving accuracy.

Recommended TAG API version: 6.5.1 Recommended TAG BC extension version: v1.0.17716.0

TAG Portal 6.4


New Functionality:

  • Added the styled WO list feature. Each Work Order (WO) in the WO page now has its own style based on its "Priority Rank". The WO's style is linked to a pre-defined style in BC, which could be a combination of colour, bold, and italic formatting.

Complete technical list

Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  • Fixed an issue with the "selected lines assigned to me by default" feature in the Report WO form. Previously, this feature did not always work if the user opened the form before the lines were loaded. The issue has been resolved, and the feature now works as intended even if the form is opened before the lines are loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Personnel Group field on the Review Request form. Previously, the field was not being populated with its value. The issue has been resolved, and the Personnel Group field now correctly displays its value on the Review Request form.
  • Resolved an issue on the Create Purchase Order(PO) form, where updating the Item Description in the Purchase Order line did not reflect the changes after submission. Previously, the Item Description would remain unchanged, even after the user updated it.
  • Optimized the code on the PO page to prevent frequent GraphQL timeout errors. Previously, users would encounter GraphQL timeout errors when using the PO page. The issue has been addressed by optimizing the code, and users should now experience fewer or no timeouts when using the PO page.

Recommended TAG API version: 6.4.1 Recommended TAG BC extension version: v1.0.17458.0

TAG Portal 6.3


We're happy to inform you that TAG Portal 6.3 now has three new features to improve your experience.

  1. In the Procurement form, the Outside Service Providers (OSP) and Consumable lines now automatically update the Unit Price from BC.

  2. When the "Use Consume Timesheet" option is enabled in TAG Controls, in the Finished Work Order card, the posted time is now available in Bookings tab.

  3. After converting a Request to a Work Order, the new Work Order is immediately visible in the Work Order list without needing to refresh the page.

To enhance your experience, we also deleted this feature:

  1. The T&A button has been removed from the Settings page. Users can now enable or disable Time and Attendance (T&A) using the "Use T&A" option in the Business Central TAG Controls page under the "Validity" section.

We also dedicated time to fix some bugs that were impacting your user journey.

Additional technical list

Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  1. When adding a new task in the Work Order form, the new task will no longer replace an existing task that is not displayed in the form while the task is assigned to another technician.
  2. When adding a new task after a sub-step task in the Work Order form, the new task number will now follow the correct numbering rule.
  3. The form setting of the Report Task Maintenance form has been updated to match with the form elements.

Recommended **TAG BC extension version: 1.0.17222.0

For the latest TAG BC extension release notes, please refer to TAG Extension version: 1.0.17222.0

TAG Portal 6.2


We are excited to announce that TAG Portal 6.2 now includes three new features to enhance your experience!

  1. The location code in the header pick-up form is no longer mandatory.

  2. The attached URLs are now clickable hyperlinks.

  3. The location code is no longer mandatory when editing a purchase order with OSP in the PO line.

We also dedicated time to fix some bugs that were impacting your user journey.

Complete technical list

Here is a list of the improvements we made:

  1. In the "Equipment" form, the master ID field is now present.
  2. In the "pick-up" form, the quantity to receive and toggle now changes color when toggled.
  3. Insertion of TAG UserSetup no longer populates the Technician Code with a value that does not exist on that company.
  4. We fixed an issue where the returned file path was incorrect after posting an attachment for a request.
  5. The posted quantity in the Finish Work Order section is now automatically updated.
  6. Creating a request with a blank value for the priority field is now supported.
  7. The Equipment tree shows equipment with levels four (4) and up.
  8. In the Work Order list, adding a filter to the priority column no longer throws a Graph QL error.
  9. In Timesheet, the booking list is automatically refreshed when reporting a task with time.
  10. When creating an equipment subassembly or copying an equipment, the attachment goes to the newly created equipment instead of the currently selected equipment.
  11. After adding an attachment to the "Edit Equipment" form, the submit button is now enabled.
  12. After adding a card from the Work Order card, the card is now automatically refreshed.
  13. The Work Order card is now updated when creating the Work Order line.

TAG Portal 6.1


You will be glad to hear that we added two (2) new functionalities to our portal for TAG Portal 6.1!

  1. The location code for the purchase order is now automatically fetched and populated from vendor card.

  2. The pickup form has been reworked to support the partial receiving of requirements/usage for a single purchase order.

We also dedicated time to fix some bugs that were impacting your user experience.

Complete technical list

Here is a list of the bugs that were fixed:

  1. The EQ subgroup is not included in the payload when create EQ from the scratch
  2. We can allow the user to view the equipment subgroup after creating a subassembly equipment.
  3. When opening the Work Order list, results are now shown in descending order with the last created Work Order being at the top.
  4. When in Timesheet Company, the user is able to see both the posted and non-posted bookings for the timesheet line they created.
  5. It is now possible to create a request with a blank requester (if permitted in TAG BC setup).
  6. It is now possible to see all unscheduled tasks when using the drag-and-drop feature for Work Orders.
  7. Its is now possible to see attachments from the Work Order header and the Work Order line.
  8. Users are now able to edit and delete tasks when the edit and delete options are enabled in the user’s mobile profile.
  9. The following options in the user mobile profile are now respected when enabled:
  • Edit Work Order
  • Delete Work Order
  • Create Work Order
  • Edit task
  • Delete task
  • Create task
  • Edit Purchase Order
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Edit Request
  • Create Request

TAG Portal 6.0


Here's so much to be excited about with Release Notes TAG 6.0!

For starters, we've added the ability to merge attachments into a single PDF when printing a work order (WO), and the ability to print PO from portal.

We've also improved Time & Attendance: bookings in calendars now show with different colors according to status, crew cards are now refreshed when deleted, and notifications are sent when creating PO.

We've made improvements to Pick-up form as well: you can pick up partial quantities and the "order date" has been replaced by "receiving date".

Finally, Report maintenance form now features a header that is locked when scrolling and supports negative values in the usage section. In addition, there have been changes made such as default values for "Pay to Vendor" and "Bought from Vendor", renaming "posting date" to "receiving date" and more... All of which will make life easier than ever before!

Complete technical list

  1. The "Add Request" button was removed from the review request list.
  2. Only the manager can add new requirements to an opened purchase order from the edit purchase order form.
  3. The Load Overview tab is removed from the Equipment page.
  4. The Location tab and Facility tab have been removed from the WO page.
  5. The refresh button in the Equipment, Work Order, and Schedule pages have been removed.
  6. Allows users to send PO approval requests and cancel requests from the portal.
  7. Support the load of a big number of equipment and provide users with tree equipment overview- Add the page refresh button next to the notification button.
  8. Added ability from Business Central to merge attachments into a single PDF when printing a work order.
  9. Added ability to print PO from portal.
  10. Bookings in the calendar now show with different colour according to status.
  11. Crew cards are now refreshed when deleted (Time and Attendance).
  12. Added notification when creating PO.
  13. Added ability to pick up partial quantities in "pick-up" form.
  14. In "pick-up" form, the "purchased" column has been renamed to "quantity to receive".
  15. In the "pick-up" form, the "order date" has been replaced by "receiving date".
  16. In report maintenance form, in the requirements popup, the header is now locked when scrolling.
  17. The "Report Maintenance" form in the "usage" section now supports negative values.
  18. In "Report Maintenance" form usage section the search bar is now case insensitive.
  19. In TAG mobile profile, in the "usage" section of all forms, added ability to hide usage unit cost and vendor fields from users. (Configurable by anyone with BC access).
  20. Added default values for "Pay to Vendor" and "Bought from Vendor" fields in create PO form section.
  21. When sending PO to approval, the limits set in "Approval User Setup" in BC are now respected.
  22. Renamed "posting date" to "receiving date" in the PO list, card, and forms.
  23. When completing a Work Order, usage that is linked to a service item or a non-inventory item is not posted to the item journal.
  24. In the PO list, the column header has been changed from "Tag web service user" to "created by".
  25. Added notification when creating PO (in procurement form).
  26. "Bought from Vendor" populate by default "Pay to Vendor" in creating the purchase order form. Users can then manually change the value of "Pay to Vendor" if it's not the same as "bought to vendor"
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