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We are actively improving DocStash. Below is the feature related to our current DocStash release

DocStash 1.0


Here's so much to be excited about with Release Notes DocStash 1.0!

We integrated DocStash in a better way to the compatible applications, namely TAG, TAG Portal and Wormhole.

You can easily manage all files in a certain business field. Through the metadata of SharePoint, one file can be associated with multiple Business Central documents without storing multiple copies and realize easy multi-dimensional search.

DocStash is now integrated with TAG on the following pages, in addition to most standard Business Central pages:

  • EQ List
  • EQ Card
  • RWO List
  • RWO Card
  • RWOL list
  • PWO List
  • PWO Card
  • FWO List
  • FWO Card
  • PWOL list
  • FWOL list
  • Request Card
  • Request List

Complete technical list

  1. Added the ability to batch update metadata when attaching a document to any work item.
  2. Added the ability to browse attachments (in the fact box) by last modified date in ascending order.
  3. Added the ability to rename files according to rules defined in the DocStash Setup.
  4. Added the ability to map "Dimension" fields to SharePoint columns.
  5. Removed admin, password, and domain fields in Setup page.
  6. Removed the "Temp Folder Path" field in DocStash Setup.
  7. Added the ability to manually edit other SharePoint columns when uploading files.
  8. When clicking on a link to a document in Business Central, added the ability to filter visible documents in the SharePoint folder based on the table setup.
  9. Update metadata need to be done after the user modify the document fields which link to a SharePoint column .
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