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TAG TA | Calendar

The Calendar setup is used as a template for each Employee’s Schedule.

How to Access Calendar Settings?

The Calendar page is accessible from the navigation bar, as indicated in the screenshot below.


How to Create a New Calendar?

When the Calendar option is clicked, a new page opens automatically, as shown in the screenshot below. To edit an existing calendar, click on the Edit List option. To create a new calendar, click on the New option to create a new calendar, as indicated by the arrow on the screenshot below.


The fields displayed on the Calendar page are as follows:

  • Calendar Code (Calendar No. Series): unique code generated automatically when a new calendar is created, which links to a specific schedule.
  • Name: text fields to be typed manually.
  • Schedule Start Day: on which day of each week does the scheduled start.
  • Start Time: work start time
  • End Time: work finish time
  • No. of Weeks: number of weeks included in this calendar (can be used to make a repeatable cycling calendar)
  • Schedules Hours: number of scheduled hours (without considering break times); this field will be calculated automatically once the procedure has been completed.

After creating the calendar, TA will help us make their different schedule, which will be applied to each employee later.