Product Release Information

Product Update Process

Customers on the service road will have their own custom TAG Portal instance deployed and connected to their own TAG BC Extension. This way, customers will be able to update our products on their own schedule.

Because TAG, TAG Portal, and TAG Mobile are strongly coupled through our API, an update to either TAG Portal or TAG Mobile must be accompanied by a TAG BC Extension update. Should users wish to update their TAG BC Extension without upgrading TAG Portal or TAG Mobile, a warning will appear in the application stating that users will need to update their application to the latest version in order to have access to all newly added features.

We do not maintain multiple versions of our products simultaneously. Whenever a new feature or bugfix is requested for one of our products, we push the update to our development branch. From there, it goes through our regular release process and makes its way into the production version of our applications.

We understand that this may not work for certain customers. For this reason, Product White Label options and customized software solutions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Product White Labels

Whenever a product modification is requested by a customer, it must go through our Change Order process. During this process, the feature’s utility and relevance to our product is determined.

If a feature is deemed relevant to our product, it will be integrated into our main product for all customers to enjoy.

If a feature is deemed too niche our outside the scope of what our product is intended for, customers will be offered the option to add it to a custom version of our product. This custom version is called a White Label.

As per VSD policy, any work done to rectify product defects identified by customers will not be billable. This applies to White Labels as well.

TAG BC Extension White Label

Any custom modifications for the TAG BC Extensions will be added to a separate dependent extension. This extension will have all its objects in the public BC range, not the TAG object range.

TAG Portal & TAG Mobile White label

Any custom modifications for TAG Portal or TAG Mobile will be added to a custom branch with a custom environment that customers can use. Customers can request any features they would like for their White Label application as it will not interfere with our production applications. However, feasibility must still be evaluated for every feature request prior to setting any delivery expectations.

Prior to any feature delivery, a thorough feature Validation will be performed by the development team. However, ongoing application maintenance will not be VSD’s responsibility. It will be the customer’s responsibility to request changes and upgrades on a case by case basis. We will not push any modifications to customers without their express approval.

Customers can pay for Basic QA, which includes testing features prior to deployment but does not include a full application review, or they can pay for a full application review. This will take longer, but the customer can pay for peace of mind by having the entire application validated prior to deployment.

Service Road Information