Product Release Information

Who is the service road for?

As a key decision-maker in a large organization or one unique operational processes, I need an EAM/CMMS solution that not only delivers its core functionality but also adapts to our complex, unique business requirements and growth trajectory, ensuring a seamless transition and integration with minimal disruption to our operations.

To this end, I expect that I can update my EAM/CMMS solution on my schedule to ensure that I have sufficient time to:

  • Perform an in-depth validation of the application, ensuring that it complies with or can be easily adapted to my company’s workflows.
  • Familiarize my team and myself with any new features the application provides through both thorough documentation and training sessions.
  • Evaluate, propose, implement, and test new feature requests and change orders that are required to adapt the application to my company’s workflows.

As a key decision-maker, I also need to minimize change and ensure product reliability to have an EAM/CMMS system that I can trust and that my company can depend on.

As a BC on-premise customer, I understand I will be required to use the service road due to technological limitations.

In-depth Validation Process

Overall Objective: As a Compliance Officer at a large corporation, I need to ensure that any new SaaS product we adopt complies with our stringent internal and external regulatory standards before full-scale implementation.

  • As a Compliance Officer,
    • I want to conduct an in-depth validation of the SaaS product to ensure it meets our regulatory requirements.
    • I need to collaborate closely with the product team to understand and test the product's compliance features.
    • I expect to have a clear communication channel with the product team for any queries or further explanations needed during the validation process.
    • I would like to have access to a sandbox environment where I can safely test the product without affecting our live data or operations.

Custom Training Programs

Overall Objective: As an Operations Manager in a company with unique, legacy processes, I need to ensure that my team can seamlessly integrate the new SaaS product into our existing workflows without significant downtime or productivity loss.

  • As an Operations Manager,
    • I want to work with the SaaS provider to develop a training program tailored to our specific operational needs and existing processes.
    • I need the training materials to be available in various formats (videos, documents, live sessions) to cater to the different learning preferences of my team.
    • I expect the training to include hands-on sessions where my team can practice using the product in scenarios that mirror our day-to-day operations.
    • I would like ongoing support and refresher training sessions as part of the onboarding package to ensure my team fully adapts to the product.

Special Feature Requests

Overall Objective: As an IT Director at a large enterprise, I often encounter unique business challenges that require custom solutions. I need our SaaS providers to be flexible and responsive to our special feature requests to ensure their product aligns with our business goals and processes.

  • As an IT Director,
    • I want to be able to submit and discuss special feature requests directly with the product team.
    • I need a transparent and predictable process for how these requests are evaluated, developed, and implemented.
    • I expect regular updates on the progress of our requested features, including any challenges or adjustments to timelines.
    • I would like the product to be modular or flexible enough to accommodate customizations without disrupting the core functionality or causing significant delays.
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